Built to use, Built to last!







Doubled & stitched 1 3/4" flank billets. Built with Harness leather and lined with burgundy. Lace leather ties. Sold by the each.











Single ply 1 3/4" heavy harness leather flank billets. Lace leather tie. Sold by the each.






FB134DS-4RO-1 3/4" Rough out doubled and stitched flank billet. Lined with Hermann Oak harness leather.






FC3DS-4RO- 3" Rough out flank cinch. Lines with Hermann Oak harness leather. Stainless steel roller buckles.





FC6 HDS-  6" Curved flank cinch. Hermann Oak leather lined with latigo. Stainless steel roller buckles






FC6-  6" Shaped Hermann Oak harness leather. Lined with latigo. Comes with stainless steel roller buckles.