Leather Earrings


Leather earrings-

We are producing several shapes of leather earrings. Shown here are the feather shape. All earrings are double sided and come in any of our popular overlay colors.








Turquoise floral with brown inlaid asrrows. Comes in 2 1/2" or 3" drop.




Mint turquoise floral with brown inlaid arrows. Comes in 2 1/2" or 3"drop.



Serape inlay earrings are made with crosses or cactus cutout and inlaid with black belly ostrich. Both 2 1/2" & 3" sizes available.





Antique Turquoise Floral 2", 21/2"or

3" tear drop leather earrings.





Whiskey Brown Floral 3" tear drop leather earrings.



Buck stitched leather bracelets 1" wide.

Cuff bracelet-

Made with any of our overlay and buckstitch colors. 2" wide taper down to 1" on the ends. This bracelet will come in your choice of colors including:

Turquoise Gator

Pink Gator

Cognac Gator

Black Gator


Turquoise Floral

Brown Floral

                                             Chocolate Floral

                                             Red Floral

                                             Black Floral

                                             Copper Floral

                                             Bone Floral


Saddle crosses in every color you can image.



Western tool floral, Turquoise, Black, Red, Brown, Bone, and Copper floral colors.


Gator print,

Purple, Red, Cognac, Turquoise, and Ghost Black.

CROSS 18- Paisley print

Turquoise, Black, Hunter Green, Pink, Tan, and Toast

CROSS 21- Python print

Black, Purple & Turq, Rainbow, Tropical, Copper, Turquoise, Blue, Lolli Pop, Blue & white, Cream, Silver, and Black & White Tropical.







Unique leather gun slings with slide. Easy to adjust!


GS3- Camo over harness

GS1- Harness

GS2- Latigo





Pancake knife sheath. Made of harness leather and fits most 2 blade trapper knives and smaller.